[Chip] Kinetic Energy (.it)

Started by LPChip, July 06, 2006, 10:55:30

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Sometimes in order to see the light you have to risk the dark.


Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Jarre. Only Vangelis I'm not that familiar with now. However; just heard a few songs - very promising. I'm gonna follow SamZen's recommendations and listen to 'China'.


I like to mention, that big names in electronics from the past are often automatically labeled as 'pioneers' or the 'wizards', but they weren't. They are big names, because they had success. Like the charlatan Stockhausen in the 'serious' field. Anyone ever heard of White Noise ? Tonto's Expanding Head Band ?

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In the same category as Vangelis : Tomita and Wendy Carlos.