MPTM to IT issue with instrument volume envelopes

Started by Immorpher, June 20, 2024, 01:33:46

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The MPTM track I start with sounds as it should, but after IT conversion one of the instrument volume envelopes seems to become too long which causes the effect to last too long. This could be a limitation of the IT format, but the destination software requires this particular format.

I noticed the MPTM format after a note is played it will jump to the "release" decay envelope, but IT format wont after conversion. Perhaps this is not do-able in IT?

If you're curious here is the track I am talking about, specifically instrument 2.

Saga Musix

IT does not have release nodes, indeed. You will have to come up with another way of emulating the behaviour (e.g. by adding some volume slide commands, making use of the instrument fadeout or completely redoing the volume envelope). There is no way to have an automatic fix for this.
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Thank you for your response! I think I can do some adjustment on some tracks to get it sounding good enough without the long gradual attacks.