Help on converting VGM to MOD

Started by LeoNicolas, May 08, 2024, 03:32:57

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I'm working on a version of the 1986 MSX game Knightmare, totally rewritten in MMBasic (source code). I have a big challenge converting the game's VGM music to MOD, the format supported by the MMBasic interpreter. I can easily open the VGM file on FamiStudio and use the notes as a reference to create the MOD file on the OpenMPT software. The problem is that I'm terrible at creating the songs. I can't make it sound nice.

Is anyone here interested in helping make the game songs? They are very short, and there are not too many. Here, you can listen to two versions of the songs (PSG and SCC chips). I can upload the VGM files if someone is interested in the project. I will add credits to the person in the game title screen and you can use your creativity (and skills  ;D ) to improve the songs.

Here you can watch some videos of the game stages: