Making my own music community on Discord and Reddit?

Started by Vojvodinosaurus, April 11, 2024, 15:51:03

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Saga Musix

Using my totalitarian power and my massive ego to close this absolute train wreck of a thread. There is absolutely nothing to be had in this discussion, which has absolutely nothing to do with the original question.

Exhale, every software project needs a vision and someone who steers that vision. Too many cooks spoil the broth. If you cannot agree with my vision, that is completely fine, but just because you get frustrated because I may see things differently than you doesn't mean that you get to call malicious, totalitarian or being a person with a big ego. If you think it is so easy to run a project like this while allowing everyone to add their 10 cents at any point in time, and have the software survive without becoming a big messy collection of bugs and half-baked features, then by all means go ahead and show us how much better OpenMPT could be if it was done that way. If you look around a bit, 99% of forks done because of those reasons died very quickly, and for good practical reasons.
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