[pop] callous kevin (mptm)

Started by Exhale, April 11, 2024, 10:41:33

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Callous kevin - the big boy

Ya think ya know it all
Dreamin you be tall - the gall
Seekin opportunities to condescend Sayin 'i told ya so'

Fuckin confidence Is your fuckin thing Tellin others how they should do everythin
Opinionated, you make nothin new at all

Life is about takin chances
It's risky shit, ceation is also this Coverin your ass often has to fall
Have you really not learned this yet?

So shut your mouth While the adults talk
The teachers teach the new boys
The things you forgot arent really obvious

Ah ok, is it obvious?
Do you want an applause?
Hah, alright, everyone else is an idiot?
Here's your trophy big boy.
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What I'd like to know is... who told you my name was Kevin?


Hah... it is an achetype, a combination of a few people i know and none specifically... the abstract idea is that if the shoe fits, put it on, and examine yourself.
The male version of a karen. Could have been kalvin or any other phonetically similar name to karen, but i chose kevin. I doubt anyone should find the shoe fitting exactly perfectly but yeah some thoughts about behaviours we can all do with examining in ourselves.

So yeah it isnt specifically aimed at anyone named kevin

And yes the tonal / logical contradictions of this song have not escaped me. This is a very human song, ai aint gonna write this shit for you.
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Luckily my name isn't Kevin, its just my slightly warped sense of humour to make you feel a bit awkward... why do I now feel disappointed that you didn't write it for me?


Welp... it got a bit of a snigger from me. Did the job of a joke at least. The song is fairly confrontational, it would be somewhat narccasistic to think it is about you... so those are possibly some of the reasons why.
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