[Trance] Beyond (mptm/ogg/flac)

Started by Saga Musix, April 07, 2024, 20:55:41

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Saga Musix

20 years of using ModPlug - what could be a better way to celebrate that than trying something completely new? :P

This is the first time that one of my released tracks depends on MIDI gear - seven different synths to be exact. As a result, the MPTM file is only fully playable if you happen to have all of the following hardware synths or compatible models: Yamaha TG77 / CS6R, Roland XV-5080 / JD-800 / JP-8000, Korg X5DR / Triton-Rack. Still, I hope that the module file will be useful to learn a thing or two from even without the required hardware. A recording of the MIDI output is also included in the download as a substitute. You'll have to load it as a sample, and play it on two channels starting from the first row of the second pattern. And there's always the Ogg/FLAC versions to play instead, of course. But the MPTM contains a few interesting tidbits about the making of the track in the comments tab, so do check it out. ;)

Download Beyond
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This actually reminds me of Ridge Racer
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