Simplicity and limitation can breed mind blowing creativity

Started by Exhale, March 23, 2024, 20:45:02

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The use of the 4 gameboy voices in these tunes is absolutely fascinating in my opinion and is very much inspiring me to push for more simplicity in my tunes, limit myself more and challenge myself to overcome those limitations in creative ways. OMPT gives us so much room and space to stretch our tunes out that we kinda take it for granted sometimes and our tunes become bloated and fat. Listen to the groovy tunes in this obscure pokemon game, check out the notation and wrap your mind around the tricks played to fool you into hearing far more voices than that little machine could actually push out.
Kinda gives me the vibes of oldschool mods, but some of the best ones that were out there, sitting in their 4 channel awesomeness blowing my preteen and teen mind ~"How the fuck did they make this!?" I said it a lot. But the gameboy had 2 square wave channels, a sin wave one, and a noise channel... they didnt even get samples and sometimes they made some absolutely golden tunes.

~ yes a lot of mods were crap, yes a lot of gameboy tunes were ear piercing junk, but that only elevates the work of the legends who managed to make great stuff with those limitations far higher.
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