does anyone else get this?

Started by Exhale, March 01, 2024, 08:24:20

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Almost every time, right after i have finished making a tune, my mind forces me to listen to it on repeat for hours... i am wondering if anyone else gets this thing, or maybe it is a known thing with a name.

Edit : i have been listening to my latest tune 'say so' for 4 hours straight here... this is kinda a cry for help...
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I do this too.. To the point where I hate the tune and don't want to hear it ever again. Loads of my tunes get binned never to see the light of day again because of this 'slightly obsessive' behaviour.

I'm glad I'm not the only lunatic!


ha! jokes on you guys! I make music for my self enjoyment!
I'm like "I can't find the vibe I'm looking for, better to just make it myself!".
I make like quick 1 pattern draft on OpenMPT whenever I get an idea, and I just can't stop listening to it... procrastinating to make a full finished track xP
Have you got your daily "Have a nice day!" yet? If not, have a nice day!! <3


Hah, well i am just glad to know i am not alone... ended up listening to that tune on loop for another hour and a half after posting this, then i got a headache and stopped... i dont think it is healthy, or good for my ears.
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Saga Musix

Yeah that's pretty normal I think. And it means you did a good job, you made something you can enjoy! However I think it's also often a good idea to step back from a tune for a few days, don't listen to it at all, listen other people's works instead. Then come back with a fresh mind and see if you still like it, or if you can find ways to improve it. This is what can make a good song great.
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Well, the way I compose is rather slow so I listen to my tune many times before actual completion so kinda sick of it by the end...

But I always play it the next day for fresh 'listen' usually saying "UGHhhh... this needs redone, that needs redone......." So surgery is needed>>>