[trance house] if you Say So (mptm)

Started by Exhale, March 01, 2024, 04:59:44

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I think obviously inspired by the tiesto sound I remember from my clubbing days, I was and still am (although at a distance) a fan :)

download attached

EDIT : a good friend of mine who also knows my tastes in trance house / shares a similar taste in it said 'It is Tiesto-ish actually and maybe a sprinkling of Armin van Buuren. Also a tiny splash of Oakenfold' so i seem to have unknowingly hit 3 of my personal favorites of all time... although the tiesto inspiration was obvious even to me...

EDIT2 : this tune showed me something... i do not have enough control over my sub bass in any of my tunes... some might have worked out fine, but this tune made it very obvious... i will have to go back through my tunes and specifically work on very precise mastering... i am not feeling happy about this... it might have just been this tune that got so dirty in the sub area, because of the one instrument, but... yeah i need to go through and get anal about it if i want my tunes to sound good on big sound systems, which i do...

EDIT3 : well i think i have figured out what to do about sub bass... but i have a lot of learning to do it seems...

EDIT4 : i have come up with what i think is a far superior version and will upload it tonight.
EDIT5 : New version attached! Enjoy! It is Exh_saysoX1a.mptm.zip for those who might not be able to figure it out on their own. Quite a few changes were made, as you will be able to see.
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i dont think my ompt songs will ever have the complexity of any of you guys' tunes
i like to keep it simple when making mod music, barely any effects and not many channels or instruments used

keep the excellent work! i hope i could use your music in my yt videos one day
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Complexity isnt all good, as you can see with my second edit there, the sub bass in this tune particularly is not always doing the stuff i want it to, and frankly it is getting me down and dejected. There is a principle in graphic design k.i.s.s or keep it simple stupid - implying by not keeping it simple we are being stupid... so yeah it is probably right in this case idk... maybe i am going about my track construction wrong and i should be going back to sampling so that i can precisely mix for the sub bass... do everything in mid to trebble and have maybe a separate sample or two handling the sub bass exclusively instead of trying to mix for it with eqs on everything like i have done in this tune.
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