KV_Elements and VST3

Started by billkotsias, February 28, 2024, 21:37:19

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Several awesome VST3 instruments have recently become free so I'm really looking forward to putting them in use.
I've read in a thread that KV_Elements VST can help as an interface for utilising VST3 in OpenMPT.

Now, after a lot of trial-n-error I've managed to load some (e.g. Kontakt 7 instruments) in OpenMPT through Elements.
However, after reloading my music, the instruments refuse to play at all (the song also takes abnormally long to load). So I have to reset them manually every time I reload my music  :(

Does anyone have a solution for that? Has anyone else found an easy way to load and use VST3s in OpenMPT?