(off-topic) happy new year!

Started by rqkaiju2, December 31, 2023, 15:56:00

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first post here. woo!!

happy new year to all of you !! 2023 wasn't really that eventful, but lets hope that 2024 will be. (and when i mean 'eventful', i mean good events)

how was y'alls year?
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Saga Musix

Happy new year. Well, 2023 didn't leave me with a lot of energy (which explains the lack of OpenMPT updates in recent months), and I hope that will change very soon.
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oh sorry i'm late ........

happy new year to the forum and all the team.

apologize gift: my 15 2023 dj sets (reason why less time for compo ...)

videos soon.


so as promised
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* AUDIO: all audio parts are live recorded DJ sets
* VIDEO: almost all video parts are live recorded.postprocessed. with some other sources & realtime scoring ^^
* LAGS: some "unwanted" lags... I am at the computing limits of my laptop already overclocked by a third....
* PIXELS: some pixels sometimes... I can't upload the original 22go datas ... so half compressed ... and Ytube compression...