Can I change sf2 "patch?"

Started by DuneDev, October 21, 2023, 00:24:58

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Hello! I just got OpenMPT and have noticed support for sf2 files, But the only problem is I can't change the "patch" or bank whatever it is called. It seems to be just stuck at the first instrument in the list (Even though I know there are more) Is there a way to change it or is it impossible? Thank you!  ^-^


have you climbed the tree? Because you can drag the whole soundfont directory to the instrument tab, which is meant for drum instruments particularly, and might have been what you did unknowingly.
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Saga Musix

I'm not quite sure what the exact issue is but I guess you expect that changing the MIDI program number in the lower-right corner would change the patch from the SF2 file used? That's not how it works, OpenMPT is not a real-time SF2 player. You can import individual instruments from SF2 files into your track, but you have to import them all as individual instruments. The MIDI program number is only sent to instrument plugins (VSTi or the built-in MIDI I/O plugin).
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