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Started by bzjue, September 22, 2023, 01:33:56

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Who is your favorite artist in tracker music? What is your favorite song by them?


Well, if I had to name one of my favorites, it'll have to be 'The Living Trumpet' by carlos(?), his music is amazing, also.


My fav is 'Irrespective of Age' by Max aka Dr. Emok...

Because it grooving with major 7th-9th chords very well... I remixed it in Skaletracker for better sound...

nf-dream by Dreamplay is pretty good same league...

The unique funk stuff of DRAX quite good like anemophobia & anal catharsis...

MANWE stuff real good but not 'up my alley'...


So many I can name, but one song that did a lot for my music is definitely Beek - Beehive. Also Purple Motion - World of plastik comes to mind.
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H0ffman do some good shit on protracker.
And Esau too....
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I first came into contact with tracker music about 34 years ago and I have heard so many incredibly great songs since then. But there is actually one song that still sends a shiver down my spine.

And that is "Fountain of Sighs" by Scorpik:

This may certainly not be the most complex or imaginative song. But I still love the mood, the flow and the melody. It was love at first note, so to speak... ;)
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