Why does this makes make the channel mute and how do i prevent it from doing so?

Started by trueirony, May 25, 2023, 10:50:22

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Heya i'm new here so please forgive me if this isn't allowed or if im in the wrong place, but otherwise
why does this make the channel completely MUTE i don't get it? (I've highlighted which channel it's in)

Saga Musix

Welcome. Wherever you move the edit cursor in the pattern editor, the status bar will tell you what the thing under the cursor exactly does. In this particular example, if you moved the cursor to one of the cells containing an Nxx effect, it would tell you (for example) "N06: Channel Volume Slide: -6", i.e. every time this command is executed it lowers the total channel volume. Maybe you wanted to lower the note volume instead of the channel volume? That would be command D instead of N (have a look at the full effect reference). Unlike note volume (only affecting the current note), channel volume changes are permanent.
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Oh, i see! yes in fact i did want to do that but also i wanted to change the volume while doing because it was too loud, thank you!