Warehouse 13 (MPTM)

Started by throw9413, May 19, 2023, 12:25:30

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This song uses OPL and the default OpenMPT samples (you should be able to run this after dropping the file into your folder).


I don't know if there is just something wrong with my installation of openmpt, but when i load this file up it complains that it cant find the external samples, so doesn't play at. I much prefer an audio file link that can just be listened to and heard the way it was made to sound cutting out all the problems with different installations playing things wrong, or in this case not at all.

Anybody else having this problem? if not, i'll shut up and go away quietly... well quiet..ish

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Quote from: n0cturn on May 19, 2023, 16:55:56Anybody else having this problem? if not, i'll shut up and go away quietly... well quiet..ish
As described in the initial post, this uses the samples from the OpenMPT example songs so you need to point the missing samples dialog at your OpenMPT installation folder and it will find the samples and play the song just fine.
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Maybe i should have mentioned i was using the portable version of openmpt (i'm allergic to installing software if i dont have to) But yeah that worked (my bad) and an interesting tune.

By the way that should be read as if you could hardly hear me, the loudest sound will the the door closing behind me.


Yeah, sorry for that. I didn't want to pack the samples in, as the file size would grow immensely, so now it can be kept at 20 KB.


kinda late but i have to say it rocks!
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