(Alt Rock) Resistance [mp3]

Started by n0cturn, May 09, 2023, 00:46:00

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Something a lttle bit different for me, and definitely out of my comfort zone.

It is a bit rough n ready, noisey n messy, but thats just a good description of me in general, and how I like it.

Path of least resistance - the one I usually take.

PS... I'd probably turn the speakers down a bit first!



reminds me of those action scifi games from 1990s and 2000s
You are allowed to remix my songs ONLY in TRANCE/GOA/PSYTRANCE GENRE and NO Trap HiHat Rolls PLEASE


I think i known what you mean. For me I was filling my usual brief of 'making a noise' and got quite giddy over the distortion (maximum annoying noise), i think I'm over it now though, a lie down in a dark room will help (give time for the anti-psychotics to kick in)