Using Tone Portamento Effect through MIDI Output

Started by Saagael, April 16, 2023, 21:10:04

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I'm fairly new to OpenMPT and trackers in general, so hopefully this question makes sense.

I'm using OpenMPT to control a hardware synth over MIDI, where each channel in OpenMPT is playing on its own MIDI channel to the synth. I'm trying to use the tone portamento effect, but I can't figure out what configuration I need in order to get the effect to work. Currently it behaves as if the effect didn't exist at all; no change in pitch (neither pitch nor pitch bend controls).

If I use built in instruments instead of sending to MIDI the portamento kind of works, though it mostly just stacks the two notes on top of each other rather than gliding between them.

Any insights on this? Does tone portamento not work over MIDI?

Saga Musix

Tone Portamento (Gxx) will work with VST plugins and MIDI starting from OpenMPT 1.31. Until that is officially released, only Portamento Up (Fxx) and Portamento Down (Exx) can be used.
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