RME audio interface recommendations.

Started by sso, March 22, 2023, 03:09:15

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I use about 1 input (vocal, instrument) need good headphone amp and something to connect to speakers.
Dont need midi. Use over 100 of plugins at a time.

Want rock steady drivers that function in wdm as well.

Internal or external does not matter to me. Have usb, usb c and thunderbolt and space in the puter for a card.
Low latency is a must.  Use windows 11. Ridiculously expensive intel cpu.
Audio interface must work well with modplug tracker as its my fav music making tool. (id go insane without it.)

So having decided on Rme and i know some here do recommend it.
Which interface from rme would you recommend for me, considering as stated above?

 ;D  8)  :o

Saga Musix

Probably any RME interface that matches your hardware requirements (number of inputs* matching the type of instruments and microphones you want to connect) and OS requirements (official Windows 11 support) will do. The drivers and latency performance will be all the same, more or less, as manufacturers usually don't completely rewrite the driver for each of their devices. It should also be said that using 100+ plugins and low latency will not go hand in hand in OpenMPT most of the time. It doesn't matter if your audio driver can provide sub-millisecond latency if OpenMPT struggles to keep up with that because there's too many plugins to take care of. A more expensive soundcard won't make those issues go away, since they are entirely CPU-related issues.

Anyway, as I said before, any of the reputable audio brands' interfaces will probably work well with OpenMPT. Unless you have gathered good experience with a specific brand, I would just go with whatever matches your requirements, no matter which brand it is from. Use a web shop specialized in audio equipment (e.g. Thomann) to filter the available options by your requirements, and you should come up with good list of possible audio interfaces.

*As a general advice, even if you know you only need one input right now, it's always a good idea to buy something with at least 1-2 more connections. It happens quicker than you think that you need them all of a sudden. For microphones, you may have to pay attention if it's possible for the audio interface to provide phantom power.
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