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Started by Dudu, March 19, 2023, 08:33:54

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Is there a way to modify the global appearance of Openmpt? I'd like to at least turn the white to grey due to my photophobia, if possible indeed.

Thanks in advance


OpenMPT has no own skinning controls for its GUI.

OpenMPT uses standard Windows controls via MFC. Thus, if you configure Windows for Dark Mode and/or configure indicidual system colors dark, OpenMPT's UI will use these. The pattern colors can be adjusted separately in the settings: .

Saga Musix

As manx says, apart from the colors that OpenMPT defines by itself, it has no control over the window colors provided by Windows. Classic Win32 applications have no easy possibility to make use of the built-in "dark mode" provided by Windows 10. But given your condition, it might make sense to use a tool like Classic Color Panel to change the color scheme for all classic Win32 applications, not just OpenMPT.
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That info about openMPT using Windows main color was everything I needed, thanks to you I found a way to modify it through registry, now everything that was white is far gone and my eyes can finally rest.

Wishing you a great day !