(Techno) Lost Contact [mp3]

Started by n0cturn, March 11, 2023, 12:41:25

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And now for something completely different...

An 'inbetween tunes' tune, made when I got bored with the few tunes I've been working on. They're not finished so I decided to entertain you all with this 'mess' about tune instead, not saying it's finished, just that I'm finished with IT. It is 8 minutes long and keeps changing, so more like a mega mix

For a tune I wasnt even going to save I quite like it now. Its strange. Strange is good and its good to be strange.

It's really just me messing about with envelopes and filters and trying to figure out the Z macros, which I havent managed so if anybodys got the 'idiots guide to Z macros' I'd like a copy, the 'idiots' idiots guide would be perfect.

The voice sample is quite apt because I think I did/have.

Sorry I don't fit into neat boxes, so you'll have to figure out the genre for yourselves.