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Started by Saga Musix, February 22, 2023, 13:38:26

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I think I saw in 2018, that openmpt logo was used by other store.

And I don't buy some new fake samsung Galaxy A30 ( instead using apple logo boot animation)


Maybe OpenMPT should be updated to use their updated OpenMPT logo, I think the apple style audio jack is a nice tuch as is the angled line between the two halves of the logo instead of straight across

Saga Musix

The audio jack was part of the original ModPlug log. They didn't invent that, they just copied an old version of our logo.
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I know, but they updated the audio jack to have 3 rings instead of just 2 rings, in otherwords they changed it from a TRS jack into a TRRS jack, that is what I meant.


Lol that's amazing. Thanks for sharing @Saga Musix !