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Started by Exhale, February 16, 2023, 14:15:36

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The idea for this thread is we can post templates for people to use here.
Rules :
- No using vsts in the templates, these should work in vanilla ompt (any of the directX effects or other effects which come with ompt are welcomed)
- Name all instruments and samples
- Colour all used channels
- 1 pattern (any length), no more or less
- use as few samples as possible to keep it hopefully well below 50kb so each template can be posted directly here on the forums and anyone downloading templates arent going to have to invest loads of hard drive space on templates.  I think if you can post it on the forums then it is ok here, so up to something like 500kb, but the smaller the better - templates should be zippy and serve as a pallet for people to paint on.
- In other words, keep the templates as convenient and flexible as possible.
- Templates can be for any of the big 4 formats (it, xm, s3m & mptm)
- Templates can be conversions or adaptions of other ppls templates into other formats and/or genres.
- The point of templates is for something for people to riff off of, so anyone can take and use your template/s in any way they want.
- vote for the best templates by liking the reply they are posted in, so if you find a template you like and/or use a lot, let people know with a thumbs up!
- post only templates here, so we can have a nice useful thread without clutter.
- describe the template/s in a few words in your template posts.
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I will start this off with a house template.
mptm format, and it uses 100% opl instruments. Uses a lot of directX effects and the LFO tone generator.
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This is my template with 127 channels and Classic tempo mode
Vad1m's template.zip

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