(techno/house) Messing Around (ogg, mptm)

Started by Exhale, December 17, 2022, 12:43:02

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I guess this might be my xmas tune this year.
I hope you all have a jolly time.


vocals mptm:
Requires Vocal-King-v1-1 (32bit) and all the following vsts

MPTM (attached) (this is not the one with the vocals included, that file is too big to upload directly to ompt forums)
vsts needed:
Equilibre (32bit)
dblue glitch v1.3 (32bit)
f1 filterbox (32bit)
t-force trancegate 2 (32bit)
easygater (32bit)
compresaturator (64bit)
Unlimited (32bit)
sn05-g limiter (32bit)
The turtle moves!


I wrote words for it...

gliding through the voids between gravity wells
the atoms are a multitude, as we ascend

Contorted quote pinnacle close representations of evolutionary might
the universal distortion mistakes of chemistry,
exact and precise
composed of billions and billions we travel, building our levels

proclivity for suffering, we consume ourselves
a scab on existence, but hell the only one we know

the only one we know so far

our voices stifled for sheer existence the totalitarians employ
a feaver dream of the most heartless existence, parabolic toys
we consume until we cant any more and then we fucken consume more
a masachistic steak living in the frying pan

our existence ,contingent, on the perpetuation of dna
our memory contingent on the people we connect with who remember us
our minds a drop of oil in the pan of greater existence
our influence fleeting the history books die tonight

we beg for forgiveness from the gods above
pathetic existence dark skies rise
we give more than we can but none of it ever helps
a captivated atom, yeah we fucken destroy

we are the horsesmen, death plangue and war
we are the artificial rain, beginning and ending and so much more

the select few with the remote control inevitable
plague on our planet an outstreched barer of all news
we can be everything and nothing and nothing but the vacant toys
reach out your arms for ascention hivemind existence

hah motivate complience, no manufactured consent
your vector becomes a line, they have your mind
manufactured, motivated, to their design
you think they are only messing around in there
I can tell you now, when it happens you will just will not care
you wont give a fuck no, no no you wont give a fuck
The turtle moves!