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Started by Svenni, December 18, 2022, 21:50:43

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I just got a scarlett 2i2. Kinda weird, i got a better performance from the computer on the old behringer um2.
Using some depreciated driver. Than im getting with the scarlett and its asio driver.

Though i really had to try every single driver that came with modplug to get the behringer working to begin with,
its own driver was ass. I forget the name of the driver, mpt of course changed it when i installed the scarlett.

Im using 1024 buffer, latency 250 and im still getting more crackles on songs i could play better with the behringer. (heavy vst use in these songs and the behringer was cracking up too. But way less than the scarlett.)

Its pretty good though on less vst using the scarlett. It seems like a clearer and nicer sound it has over the behringer. But now i cant work on some songs at all.

Any thoughts or suggestions ? Focusrite says that you should only use its own asio, but whats your experience? Could i get it better?


Im going to use the behringer sometimes for making music obviously.  8)

But being fairly unaquainted with audio interfaces like these. I just wondered if someone knew some tips to get it better.

Find it fairly weird that the behringer "outperforms" the scarlett.

Saga Musix

Most likely the Behringer is not performing better - it's just using a bigger buffer size which reduces the risk of dropouts. Without knowing the specific settings you are using both devices with, and without knowing the latencies reported by OpenMPT in the playback statistics (particularly the latency and period values) while playing a module, we can only speculate. A quick search showed that Behringer may have changed their native ASIO driver for ASIO4All which just sits on top of WaveRT (which you can already use in OpenMPT directly, so ASIO4All gives you no advantage), which would most likely result in a bigger buffer size being used.
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Quote from: Saga Musix on December 19, 2022, 13:55:38ASIO4All which just sits on top of WaveRT (which you can already use in OpenMPT directly, so ASIO4All gives you no advantage)

In my experience, there are cases where OpenMPT ASIO + ASIO4ALL works better than OpenMPT PortAudio + PortAudio WaveRT, mainly due to the quality of the PortAudio WaveRT implementation that we are using. Your mileage may vary.

The Focusrite ASIO driver might also just suck (I do not have any personal experience with it, so this is just a guess).

In any case, experimenting with other output options might help.

In particular, when you are already using enormous latency and buffer values like 250ms latency, just using WASAPI (non-exclusive (default)) mode in OpenMPT might actually perform more smoothly than any ASIO driver.


Well, behringer actually has a driver, they just discontinued it years ago. You can find it with some google search though.

But i ended up using a mpt driver.

Well.. Thanks for the answers guys. Gonna shelf this conversation though, there is a snowstorm going on here and im too tired after pushing and digging out cars to do much more today than just play valheim. :D

Have a good one.