[Pop/Disco] 2000 Miles Away (YouTube)

Started by Lo Bellver, November 26, 2022, 02:37:53

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Lo Bellver


The song was originally composed using Mod Plug Tracker back in 2005/2006, but I've made some arrangements using REAPER and then hired real musicians to play the instruments and sing. Still, the core of the song is pure Mod Plug Tracker.

I lost the original MPT file years ago :_( (One of the few songs I lost in MPT format, so sad)

Lo Bellver

Ok, said MPT file meant .it because I think I had it in .it format, but using MPT.


send me tracker module an voice and other fx from this track)
i think i have idea )))

Lo Bellver

I lost the original tracker but I have the song in MIDI files. Will send you the raw stems plus the MIDI files.