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Started by Vojvodinosaurus, October 01, 2022, 16:48:18

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I came up with an idea a few months ago. While i was listening to some trap and breakcore and did research a bit, i came to conclusion that in both genres improvisation is usually key to success, in trap it is the 808 hi-hats and in breakcore it's the amen breaks (but i also believe there are some called "think" breaks). However, in breakcore, even tho i prefer it over trap, i'm not sure if improv is consistent enough, and it's even worse in trap, i mean, that hi-hat pattern is so annoying id rather listen to last stage of breakcore all day. But breakcore never went mainstream and i'm not sure if it even ever was more popular than trap. And since i believe both trap and breakcore arent really innovating, i was thinking of a new music philosophy (altho prolly done already) - sth like idm/braindance and breakcore/trap combined into one and reformed, even tho i think some1 already came up with this but i'm doing it anyway...
Let's say you have any regular song of any genre, core rhythm, beat and percussion are regular, but you have another layer of percussion which appears randomly on each pattern/block and is always unique, and it's sth not from 808 and not an amen break, but anything that is (hopefully) less annoying, also bpm can be anything from slow(65bpm or lofi hip-hop) to fast(250bpm or speedcore). I feel like i can't properly describe this which is why imma share a demo with yall. Also pls tell me where do most ppl prefer improvisation in music and why is the random hi-hat pattern so popular today in most electronic genres but wasn't 30 years ago?

Again youll have to use OpenMPT or newer to open but this time i compressed in zip format. Observe channel 4 and tell me if it makes sense and if it could eventually become popular

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Saga Musix

Some thoughts:
- Randomly pitching percussion instruments isn't new, it has been tried often enough. In MOD music in particular it's easy to do and can be heard in some tracks.
- Popularity absolutely doesn't correlate with how clever or innovative a technique is.
- Nobody looking at a 808 in 1983 would have predicted that a simple fast repetition of 808 hi-hats would ever become popular.
- As soon as something becomes defining for a genre, don't expect any big innovation. It's pretty much by definition that innovation will not be possible anymore at this point apart from breaking out into a completely new genre.

What I can tell that "randomly pitching percussion instruments" on its own will most probably never become the defining point of a genre. It's not impossible but it wil not be based on the cleverness or uniqueness of the idea. Most typically something like this happens because a well-known artist uses a technique in a well-liked track, and that is why people start copying it and it starts defining a (sub-)genre. They want to emulate the sound of that artist's famous track, not a clever idea (if it even is one) on its own.
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tnx for reply saga, i guess popularity is all about timing and luck. i'll still keep doing my own thing as i think i found my style and i hope i can inspire others
You are allowed to remix my songs ONLY in TRANCE/GOA/PSYTRANCE GENRE and NO Trap HiHat Rolls PLEASE