Plugin issue: Chow Tape Model VST causes OpenMPT GUI not to refresh

Started by Polaris911, September 01, 2022, 14:30:58

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This free saturation VST plugin called Chow Tape Model (website:
It causes strange issues with OpenMPT when the VST's GUI is open. It causes OpenMPT windows not to refresh, or to display blank white/grey windows until the VST GUI is closed or collapsed. The tracker playback buttons do not respond either. The plugin works, the sound is being processed appropriately. Not sure if I should report it here, or to the developer of the VST?


Some questions:
1) Are you using 64-bit OpenMPT and the 64-bit version of the plugin?
2) Is this also an issue, if you're using both OpenMPT and plugin in 32-bit?
3) Does the issue also occur when using the plugin bridge (with bridging 64-bit plugin in 64-bit OpenMPT, but also cross-bitness bridging 32-bit plugin on 64-bit OpenMPT)?
4) Are you using Windows or Linux/mac using Wine?
5) Have you tried other VST host applications, e.g. LMMS, if it's an issue there too?


1. Yes, 64-bit version of MPT and the plugin
2. not applicable
3. I tried the 32-bit version and it does not have this display issue and it works perfectly. I'd prefer to use 64-bit plugins though due to latency
4. Windows 10
5. No