[Chiptunes] Ameneurosis (MPTM) fancy song

Started by stgiga, August 30, 2022, 17:51:02

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This is a 5:49 original 54 channel MPTM song I wrote. Because the MPTM is 14MiB and 8MiB 7Zipped, I cannot directly attach it to this post, but I can provide the oscilloscope view of the song which has the module in the description:


The MPTM can be found here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/347494769296932864/978786675377463356/SndTrapper.mptm

It uses JummBox samples and and FM drum samples.
I use they/them pronouns and do tech.


of course, ideologically, make the module in 14 mb, while the samples are like this ...


The reason why that is the case is an interesting reason. The song was originally composed in SoundTrap's MIDI mode, then exported, and then imported into OpenMPT with my JummBox SoundFont http://stgiga.itch.io/jummboxsoundfont. That SF2 is my heavy fix of a WIP by Micasddsa, who avoided SF2 loop-induced stereo link breakage by not looping the samples at all, instead doing them ALL as 32 seconds, so even MIDI note 127 would not cause clicks. Given that I had to fix the pitch for that bank automatically, I don't want to shorten the samples which will distort it, and I might not be able to get it to the right pitch again. So unavoidably, this module as well as all other modules made this way are large in file size. I don't know exactly how OpenMPT splits chords on MIDI channels into multiple module channels, but that's how one gets 54 channels out of the MIDI. Basically this song was made in an unconventional way of making MPTMs. And yes, the SF2 is single-layer, which is what makes this whole thing possible. And yes, because ALL melody samples (minus my new Seashore in V10) are all 48kHz stereo 32 seconds (the new Seashore in V11 is still 48kHz, just shorter, which was pulled from a fan's imitation of this bank which is happily still compatible license-wise), making them all huge. The SF2 is 0.99GiB uncompressed, but in LZMA2 7z, it is just slightly less than 200MiB. So ultimately, I know what you speak of, and I can't safely do anything about it. It's worth mentioning that OpenMPT123 even on the DOS version does not have trouble playing the module, nor do web MPTM players or mobile MPTM players. 
I use they/them pronouns and do tech.