libopenmpt install on Unity project

Started by MagnumAlpasan, August 21, 2022, 09:36:32

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums. Can you tell me how to install libopenmpt on my unity project as they did on's online player? I intended to include the .it module file in my game project like the games that use the Tracker Module, such as Hoggy 2. I'm new to the software and tried to find any install-like plugins on YouTube or Google. Thanks

Saga Musix

There is nothing in common between Unity and the online player. ModArchive uses a customized version of chiptune2.js, which is a JavaScript library for embedding libopenmpt on websites. From my understanding, you would need a C# wrapper for libopenmpt to use in Unity. A similar question was asked recently how to integrate libxmp into a Unity project, and while there are no specific instructions on how to do so, there are a few pointers in that thread that might be helpful:
From what I know, Unity may already support playing modules using the FMOD library, which is not as accurate as libopenmpt, but it might be a good start that is less work than integrating a complete third-party library for module playback.
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