Prince of Persia The Sands of Time

Started by Really Weird Person, June 24, 2006, 07:41:47

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Really Weird Person

Has anyone played Prince of Persia The Sands of Time? It is a pretty cool game. Its battle style is much different than that of Zelda though. However, it is similar to Zelda in quite a few ways it seems like.

!. The Dagger of Time is similar to the Master Sword.
@. The enemies are similar.
#. The mutation could be symbolized by the mutation of Zelda (Actually, in Zelda, it is not really "mutation", but it is similar).
$. There is an end boss.

The enemy list is as follows.

I. The people - These are similar to ReDeads and Gibdos, but different. The ReDeads and Gibdos in Zelda are zombie-like creatures, but the people in POP are not dead, they are just mutated.

II. The scarab beetles - I am not sure here.

III. The spiky floor tiles - This is similar to the invisible fire (the fire that comes out of the floor when Link walks next to its area) (Fire Temple).

IV. The floors of spikes - I am not sure here.

V. The birds - These are similar to Guays.

VI. The bats - These are similar to Keese.

VII. The spiky polls - These are similar to trying to climb the Spirit Temple's wall with its spikes visible (ouch).

VIII.The spinning things with blades on them - These are similar to the Shadow Temple's spinning things with scythes on each side. They could also represent the razor traps (or whatever those black and white things are called). I would say moreso the scythe things though.

IX. The saws - I am not sure here.

X. The spiky claw-like things - This is similar to the Shadow Temple's room where there are ReDeads (or Keese, depending on wheather you are playing the original (ReDeads), or Master Quest (Keese)) and the walls of spikes that close in on Link (and severely hurt him if he is not careful).

XI. The two blades toward the end of the Tower of Dawn (I think that that is what the game called it.) - I am not sure here

XII. The boss - He is similar to Ganondorf.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few differences and similarities to the two games. I was talking about Ocarina of Time with that Zelda thing by the way.

If you have any suggestions on the ones that I have "I am not sure here" on, if you think that any of them may be wrong, or if you find other things that they may represent, you can post them.


I've just played the very first prince of persia, prince of persia 3d, prince of persia: the warrior within and prince of persia: the two thrones so I can't really comment on how good it is. The other games are excellent tho!

On the Zelda front, I prefer Wind Waker to Ocarina of Time any day and I really look forward to the Twilight Princess.

Really Weird Person

I would have to admit that Wind Waker's graphics are much better than Ocarina of Time's. I have only played a small portion of the Wind Waker, so I cannot really say much about that. There, we're equal. You have not played Sands of Time, and I have not played much of Wind Waker.


I've never played the PoPs above PoP3D, but the originals are great.