notes placed wrong while recording

Started by n0cturn, October 04, 2022, 02:18:31

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Hi everyone, new here and new to mpt (but not new to trackers)

Ive got a weird problem when entering notes while playing the song. every note i enter is placed on the line above where it should be and the command Sd1 or sd2 ect placed with it, ive tried everything i can think of to get it to place the notes where i play them but cant figure it out, im hoping im missing something simple because its driving me stupid

removing the 'sd1' makes the note start early and moving the note down a line without the sd1 plays correctly, i just cant play anything in without it placing it above the line i want it and adding sd1 to delay the note. anyone got any idea why its doing this?


have you tried clicking the quantise toggle?

I admit I have it almost permanently toggled because yeah those delay effects get irritating and if something is off time even with the quantise on I would rather do it by hand, although if I want something to sound more real I take it off temporarily.

It is an easy toggle to get, just right click anywhere on a pattern.
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As Exhale says, if you want notes to stick to the grid perfectly, you're best off quantizing them while recording. Without quantization, notes are put exactly in the place when you struck the key, and most of use are not as precise a keyboad player as they think they are. Quantization helps with that by rounding the timing to the next row (or multiple rows, depending on the setting you choose).
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Also, if you have set a higher latency value, you will hear the notes later then when they are played which results in you pressing the key earlier. So it may also be that your audio settings are causing for this.
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No, that is not quite true and hasn't been for probably around ten years now. Live recording is not influenced by latency, but by the update period value, which should be as low as possible for accurate live recording. For example, you can set the latency to 500ms in OpenMPT and the update period to 5ms, and your notes will be placed just as accurately as if the latency was 10ms. However, if the update period was 200ms, then the recorded notes will be essentially spaced apart 200ms.
Latency does not matter - essentially what it does is change how long it will take from pressing the play button to hearing sound. But that time period is not relevant at all for live recording. The only thing that matters is the update period. Keep that as low as possible. Real ASIO drivers (not ASIO4All) can help lowering the update period even more but aren't necessary in most cases.
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Hi everybody and thanks for the replies.

I had messed about with the sound latency thinking that might be the problem, but it made no difference, but i didn't change the other setting, so i can try lowering that and see.

The quantise setting i hadn't even thought about (i am still learning the basics of the program) but i will definitely give that a try.

What's been driving me mad about it was knowing it was probably just a simple setting i'd missed.