Exporting creates horrible MIDI

Started by Cello79, July 28, 2022, 21:11:03

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Hello and thank you for being curious enough to open this  :)

I'm trying to export the attached .it file into a MIDI, and it's not coming out too nicely. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to take a look at it and see what they could do. I see 10 channels going, but exporting is showing like 4-5. I just started using this, and I'm very confused. Thank you in advance.

Here is the link to the file (it's 702.77 KB, so too large to attach here due to size restrictions)


Saga Musix

The module uses a multisampled piano. Multisampling can essentially be accomplished in two different ways: Modifying the sample rate of each sample so that when played at middle-C, each of the samples sounds like a middle-C (but with the "wrong" shifted timbre), or keep each sample at its original sample rate (so if a sample was sampled at D, playing it at middle-C will sound a D with its original, unshifted timbre) and compensate for this by transposing the sample map of the instrument up and down.
This particule module uses the second method, which means that the piano instrument's sample map is a bit of a mess. For example you can see that a C-5 in the pattern would trigger a B-4 of sample 10, and as MIDI export cannot "know" how a sample sounds like, it will export this note as a B-4 (while the intended note would be a C-5). To solve this, you can right-click on the sample map of the piano instrument and choose "Reset Note Mapping". The module itself will sound terrible then but the exported MIDI will sound just fine.

In general, MIDI export is hardly ever a task that can be done fully automatically. It's necessary to know how the module was built in order to map it to the world of MIDI accurately.
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