(Misc) New never endings project v3 :}

Started by MellowNoiseKiev, May 28, 2022, 20:23:00

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some six melodies on various style ))
trance muzik specially composed for Exhale  8)



"trance muzik specially composed for Exhale  8)"
haha thanks that is very specific, I am downloading it right now to check it out :D
Great tunes all of them... Loved the trance tune a lot... especially the goa stuff in the last 4 patterns, but it is all so great I really cant truthfully say I like it more than the rest, but goa (or I think ppl call it psy trance these days) has always been a personal love of mine so I have a bias that leans towards it :)
Overall though, some really great tunes with some epic moments.
No longer helping. Do not expect replies.


yes, if only there was time to finish it all ... there are a lot of blanks that I just update from time to time, but due to lack of time - my hands just don't reach them ... in any case, good health. peaceful sky over everyone's head)