Batch converting midi to module?

Started by O. Inha, May 09, 2022, 17:22:55

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O. Inha

OpenMPT imo does the best job in midi 2 module conversion.

Any ideas if any tools/features exist -- in OpenMPT, its libraries or other tools based on this engine -- that can be easily utilized to batch-convert a large bunch of midi files into a large bunch of modules (e.g. mptm)? I have some expertize in programming, but C/C++ is entirely unknown turf to me and I have no idea where I would even start to look into building this tool myself.

Any other tips for tools to batch-convert midis to modules are welcome as well. Preferably command-line based that run on Linux, but anything really is a start. I'm asking here because OpenMPT takes the cake in accuracy and I'd prefer to use this engine.

This is how it is: I am in current project programmatically generating dozens or even hundreds of midis on a daily basis. But I need them as modules! Opening/Saving one by one in OpenMPT is highly impractical, basically impossible.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Saga Musix

I'm not aware of any other up-to-date tool that has an accuracy comparable to OpenMPT's, and that on top of all would allow for batch conversion. The easiest way might be to just add a few calls to the OpenMPT code that immediately save the module file after a MIDI file has been loaded successfully (and then maybe also automatically close that file again because you won't be able to have more than ~60 module windows open at a time). All the newly required code is probably less than 10 lines in total.
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O. Inha

That's a good idea, I'll look into it! Thanks!