Have you used this VST?

Started by Exhale, February 25, 2022, 13:02:05

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Has anyone here every used Cardinal with Ompt?
I am interested to hear the opinions you guys have, I only just got it, and it is overwhelming in its scope, so I guess I will need to learn how to use VCV rack for a while before I get anywhere... it also doesnt help that the search feature within cardinal doesnt work in modplug even if I pass my keys to the plugin, so the overwhelmingness of it all is pretty discouraging right now... but I think it has massive potential.

(that is the link to the github in case people dont know the vst I am talking about)

I havent even got a single sound out of it yet in ompt, there is just so much I have no clue about with it yet.
It is a modular synth vsti and effect vst, it has vst3 versions, but those versions dont seem to load in ompt.
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Just tried it and I was able to get simple sounds.  The output of your chain has to go to the Host Audio module Input.  I was able to play different notes just fine.

It seems that there are no working presets that you can load and go.  You have to build a rack yourself.

I used the Synth VST2 version (CardinalSynth.dll)

Using and understanding VCV will help

Thanks for posting it the link to the software!  I haven't seen this project before.


Thanks, yeah that is exactly what I wasnt figuring out... and yeah this looks promising, but I am still completely clueless how to use the thing properly - I presume you hook the host midi input into the place that is generating your sounds... but yeah this thing has so much potential, but also so many ways you can fuck it up :P

I am going to mess with this for a while today, I will attach the one thing I made already on it, which responds to notes but I cant seem to figure out how to stop the thing ringing forever, baby steps I guess... I will be checking out vcv rack tutorials today too, so hopefully I learn.

yeah the gate / velocity to timbre and colour stuff is just guess work, been trying to figure out how to get it to stop :P
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