Question regarding the sample map and exporting to a MIDI file?

Started by biolizardshadow, December 07, 2021, 04:57:57

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Is there a way to stop OPENMPT from exporting notes from the sample map and have it only export notes that are placed in the tracker module when exporting to a MIDI file? In an experimental module I created; I have multiple C3 notes placed down. Once I export the song to a MIDI file what was a C3 note in the tracker module turns into a C5 note simply because I have the sample set to play at C5 on the sample map because it is part of a drum kit I created. Can I disable this or is there nothing I can do?

Please excuse my horrible explanation. I don't know of any good way to word my question.

Saga Musix

No, MIDI export is always an accurate representation of how the module would have played with samples or plugins. If you want to export drum kit notes, you can map them to channel 10 (the drum channel) and select the specific note to be exported. For melodic channels, this is not possible.
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