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Is this a bug? What am I doing wrong?


When selecting a bunch of empty rows, but there is a PCs command, if I summon the Parameter Editor (ALT + B) and start drawing, instead of writing more PCs commands, sometimes it will write Zxx macro commands. I've also had vice versa happen (I select Zxx macro rows, but when I draw on the parameter Editor, it writes PCs commands). If I select rows, and the first row has a PCs command, Parameter Editor knows I want more PCs commands. It's a minor thing, but sometimes I don't realize it's happening right away. I am using version

Demonstration video (3.5 MB):

Saga Musix:
Strictly speaking it's working as designed; yes, the parameter editor only switches into PC events mode when the first row is a PC event; which makes sense if normal effects and PC events are mixed in the selection, but when there's only a PC event and nothing else it probably makes sense to still switch into PC event mode.

Saga Musix:
I've changed this behaviour for the next version so if the selection contains a PC event anywhere but no other effects, it will also go into PC event mode.

that's awesome, thank you


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