OpenMPT 1.30 release candidate available

Started by Saga Musix, November 16, 2021, 22:40:18

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Saga Musix

You could try one of the automappers found here: - for your usecase it might be more handy than the more advanced editors (found further down on that page). The randomness I was referring to is not just the sorting of the samples - but also e.g. where the first note should be placed, how far samples should be spaced apart, etc... depending on the use case (e.g. GM drum kits) there may not be one single answer to this question, at which point you need the more advanced approach described in the related issue again.
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Yes, I use the one by Bjorn Bojahr.

And yes for complex mapping with variable samplezone sizes it would be difficult to do without some kind of visual mapper. But for simple DIY mappings like mapping drumsample oneshots or a melodic instrument consisting of samples that are sampled with a fixed interval (eg every third note) a popup dialog when dragging and dropping multiple samples in which you can choose the starting note for the mapping and the interval, would maybe be enough. 

But my original question was based on a mistunderstanding of the release notes and not intended as a feature request! For me the samplemapper works fine as is  :).