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Soundfont mapping in sampler broken

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Music Enthusiast:
The sf2 soundfont mappings in the sampler is completely broken in, it is also broken in, the grand piano sounds like some sci-fi sound and the drums don't make any sounds, I thought this stuff was fixed, it is worse then ever. I'm running windows 10 64 bit Version 21H1, I'm using GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2.

Could this be a windows bug messing up OpenMPT?

Saga Musix:
Windows can be blamed for many things but not for the poor compatibility between how soundfonts work and how OpenMPT's internal sampler works. Simply put: The probability that there is a bug in Windows so bad that it makes OpenMPT extract the wrong sample from a soundfont but otherwise all applications keep working is next to 0. You can stop mentioning this every time you discover a bug in OpenMPT.

The problem only seems to appear when putting the soundfont into OpenMPT's MIDI library, not when loading it as a stand-alone soundfont via the "Add Sound Bank" item. This hints at the MIDI library code looking for drum instruments where it shouldn't, because the sound you're hearing is a drum kit sound rather than a melodic sound.

Last but not least, if you need good SF2 support, I'd recommend using a VST plugins such as Sobanth or Sforzando, because those are unlikely to have this sort of bugs.

Saga Musix:
r15899 (which will probably be backported to OpenMPT 1.29) fixes various issues encountered with that particular soundfont (and probably other more advanced soundfonts). All issues that I could find are fixed, but don't hold your breath - there are probably more, and they're not Windows bugs.

Music Enthusiast:
Has r15899 been added to Master branch on Github?

Saga Musix:
Yes, our GitHub mirror is updated automatically. In the meantime the fixes have also been backported for the next OpenMPT 1.29 release.


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