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Every time I write a note, the sample/instrument number, the volume effect, and the effect, is there a way to move on to the next row? something like in ProTracker and/or Dream Station, etc.

Saga Musix:
As you continue to violate our guidelines about asking questions in this sticky topic at the top of the forum, I will not answer this question until you have actually read that topic and edited the title of your post accordingly. It's really not fun at all to clean up after your messy thread titles.
Everyone in this subforum is asking for help, not just you. Imagine what the forum would look like if every single topic had the same title "help".

Saga Musix:
Thanks for editing the title.
There is an advanced setting "EditStepAppliesToCommands" that can be set to 1 and will apply the edit step also when entering effect letters. It still does not apply to effect parameters or instruments though because OpenMPT doesn't try to emulate other tracker behaviours but rather offer better ways to fill those columns without having to hold a key for 5 seconds: For example interpolation commands (you can draw a selection between an empty cell and a cell with content, interpolate and it will replicate the content of the filled cell across the selection) and paste flood. Both are safer and more convenient than the ProTracker way of entering multi-digit parameters.


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