A crackling sound when played

Started by DJ Graco, August 16, 2021, 23:36:59

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DJ Graco

I have the following problem. I wanted to convert a certain MOD file to WAV. However, when playing back the song, there is a popping noise at some point in the song. I tried with different filter settings, amiga resampler, looked at the manual, faq, but it didn't help.
When I played this MOD file in Winamp or XMPlay, there were no glitches. But I can't use them for conversion as they don't give the stereo separation like Open MPT.
I am relatively new to the subject of trackers.
Here is the file
Here is the example crackling


The popping noise comes from sample 27, it has an amplitude spike at the end:

Saga Musix

XMPlay seems to try to fade out the effected sample that StarWolf3000 found. OpenMPT doesn't do that and I don't think a MOD player should do that by default. You can remove the last few samples from sample 27 to remove that spike.

QuoteBut I can't use them for conversion as they don't give the stereo separation like Open MPT.
If you want full stereo separation in XMPlay, you can find a pan separation setting in its MOD playback setting. By default it's set to 50 (equivalent to 100 in OpenMPT), but you can set it to 100 for full stereo separation.
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DJ Graco

Thank you guys!
I tried the all suggestions.
Unfortunately XMPlay XMPlay doesn't give me 100% stereo separation, because even when it is set to 100% in the slider there are punctures from other channels.