[House] Time Off Spectrum (MOD)

Started by ASIKWUSpulse, July 14, 2021, 15:49:44

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A 90s inspired house that isn't the most glorious thing I've made lol. Made with a lot of custom samples. Amiga compatible.

Participated in Spring Tracks X on BotB (more info on TMA).

TMA (module download)
Soundcloud (listen)
My favourite chord transition: Fmaj9 -> Gadd9 :D (I also like it's ±1 semitone variants)


Now this one reminds me a lot of Gran Turismo!
You are allowed to remix my songs ONLY in TRANCE/GOA/PSYTRANCE GENRE and NO TRAP elements PLEASE

Saga Musix

Very nice early 90s house feeling!
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