Swing configure option blanked out?

Started by nevermind12, May 09, 2021, 16:42:48

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So I'm working on an original song, and I want it to be in swing rhythm, but in the Song Properties dialog the swing configure option is blanked out. If anyone could tell me why and/or how to fix it, that would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

Saga Musix

Tempo Swing is only available in modern tempo mode, and thus only available in the MPTM format. If you're already working in the MPTM format, you can change the tempo mode right next to the tempo swing settings. In oldskool formats, you'll have to resort to pattern commands instead, e.g. alternating A07/A05/A07/A05... in the IT/S3M format (F07/F05 in MOD/XM).

BTW, many greyed-out items in OpenMPT will explain in a tooltip why they are greyed out. Just hover the mouse on the button to get the tooltip.
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