Thoughs on offering your music over torrents

Started by FreezeFlame(Alchemy), March 09, 2021, 23:22:10

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I am personally thinking about giving this a shot for my own music (probably newer releases, so i don't have to hunt down every track post i made in this forum), both for providing a alternative download option, and having some assurance incase my download links stop functioning for whatever reason.

What would your opinions be in providing such a option for your tracks, and if its even worth it?
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Torrents can become orphaned just like downloads can stop working, and I'd say it is quite likely to happen with less popular stuff. Sure you can give it a try, but don't expect it to be very successful. :) The Internet Archive might be a more durable solution, though.
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I have to agree with Saga Musix here. I've dealt with Torrents myself inside a rather large community (SlayRadio) for C64 remixes and even there, there comes a point where everyone has all the files they want and there must be people dedicated to keep the torrents alive. That means, not only do they have to keep their torrent program active, they must specifically set that torrent to continue seeding past its normal cut-off point.

If you create torrents for just your music, there simply won't be many people interested to keep the torrent alive long enough, so it will come down to you keeping the torrent active which will make it so that other people in the swarm won't seed as much and eventually just give up.

If you have to keep anything alive anyway, it would be far easier to setup an FTP or webserver instead of torrent and create a file that has your entire collection that people can download from you. If you have webspace available online somewhere, you don't even need to keep anything online at your end either.

That said, there are some really good filesharing options available that essentially replace the torrent idea. FileLinked is such service. You upload something and get a code in return, you share that code and anyone can download your collection by entering your code in the FileLinked app.
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