Whether there is in OMPT an automatic samples transformation of 8 bits to 16 bit

Started by Alex TEHb, October 03, 2020, 08:37:05

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Alex TEHb

Began to look through the old library instruments in the ITI format.
Within 1 hour to me any 8-bit sample did not meet. But it cannot be!!! The modules written 10 years ago contain 8-bit samples for 70%.

There was a suspicion that in settings of the editor there is a function to convert samples when importing... Saw settings, but found such point only for 32-bit samples... (At me it is included, but it should not influence 8-bit samples).
There was a question whether was such function (8 bits) in the previous versions?

I do not know any third-party utilities which could do it. Otherwise would decide that once unconsciously used such program and forgot...

Alex TEHb

It is a little surprised therefore not precisely was expressed.
That, as for 32-bit samples is normalize. And the more so should not influence 8-bit samples in any way...

Saga Musix

OpenMPT most definitely does not convert 8-bit samples to 16-bit automatically, no matter which formats. The only times there is an automatic bit depth conversion is when importing samples with a bit depth higher than 16 bits, because OpenMPT's sampler does not support higher bit depths. You can double-check by loading the same ITI files into Schism Tracker.
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