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[Lyric] A.TEHb - Autumn (IT. MP3)


Alex TEHb:
Here and the Autumn came.
Time of romantics, melancholies and relaxations...

Autumn (MP3) -
Autumn (IT) -

a real Russian theme)))

and as always but !!!
Midi samples are a nightmare.
there is a bunch of compilations with samples, from synth-wave to hard style.

I dig it at my leisure, we can do that)

Alex TEHb:
I do not take offense.
More than once said to me that my music sounds it is old-fashioned. ;)
I do as I can also from what is.

I not against to learn something new, only general phrases will not help me with it... :(
And it is possible references to these collections?

send on private message  8) 8) 8)


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