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Started by mrdahlgren, July 28, 2020, 10:46:15

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I've slightly modified ChiptuneJS player to output quad channels (a feature available in openmpt).
It then takes each channel and sends them to a separate speaker in a 3D spatialized environment (Resonance Audio).
This makes those hard panned old style modules easier to listen to with headphones.
The virtual room can also be modified allowing for natural sounding reverbs of small rooms or big auditoriums.
This will make orchestral samples sound more like the real thing (try CTGOBLIN.S3M in a big room).

Heres a link to a sample on codepen:

Note: To have 4 distinct channels the mod has to have surround effects added  (S91 / S9B) to output to channel 3+4.


Saga Musix

A word of caution (you may know this but just for the general reader's awareness) : Most modules using the S91 effect were not written with a surround setup in mind. Instead, they exploit the fact that in a stereo setup, it simply inverts one of the two stereo channels, so it's used as a cheap way to create fake stereo samples. Playing such modules in quad surround mode means that often you will just get random notes playing from the back channels for no apparent reason.
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