Author Topic: (alt/demo/synth-rock) da bom (mptm, ogg)  (Read 435 times)

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(alt/demo/synth-rock) da bom (mptm, ogg)
« on: July 14, 2020, 13:32:01 »
I am unsure what genre to place this under, so if you think my choice is wrong please feel free to make your opinion known and I will take it all in. I am just calling it pop-rock because it has a kinda rock like sound to it with distortion and power chords etc. If you think I have put the right genre then please tell me if you like the tune or not, I had some headbanging fun making it and I hope you all enjoy.

(edit) changed it to alt/demo-rock because I am pretty sure it isnt pop at least, but as before please comment if you think I am wrong on this
(edit2) changed it again, because maybe the fact that the 'guitar' like sounds are entirely synth should be in the genre... I am terrible at genre stuff guys... once again holler if you disagree, but since no one has even downloaded it yet I suppose it is all up to me so far.
(last edit hopefully) ok settled on alt/demo/synth-rock but i will change it if you guys protest... I think i got to the genre eventually though, maybe simple synth-rock would be better but yeah enough of this.

MPTM attached - ogg
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