Format reproduction mptm in media-players

Started by Alex TEHb, July 06, 2020, 13:22:14

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Alex TEHb

What players (except ModPlugPlayer - very inconvenient) support a format mptm?
Can be eat plug-ins for WinAMP or AIMP?
In AIMP the excellent plug-in for mod-music reproduction (it, s3m, mod etc.) But mptm in it is not supported... :(



Any player based on libopenmpt will play MPTM (except for VST plugins and non-default DMO plugins, for security reasons).

See for a list of player eithers directly shipping with libopenmpt playback, or plugins for other players and media frameworks).

Also note that MPTM is a superset of IT, thus players supporting IT may, to a varying degree, also support MPTM.