.IT NNA replay logic

Started by TheRealByteraver, December 09, 2019, 20:01:30

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I am planning to implement .IT instrument-based playback logic in my module player.
Am I correct in saying that the ONLY way to control background channels (notes that continue in the background when NNA is set to continue for example) is the S7x effect?

Meaning there is no way to influence the frequency, panning or volume of the background channel, except by S7x ? Even with global channel commands as set channel volume or set panning? Or do these still have an effect? I do understand the volume (and panning, and pitch) of the background channel can still change because of the envelope and fadeout logic, but that info is available when the sample is fired.

I realize these might seem simple questions but as I'm not a musician and have no experience with trackers it is a bit cumbersome for me to try the find the answer to these questions experimentally so I decided to ask them here instead. Hopefully this is ok.


I'm not a developer here, so I'm not sure, but I would assume that instrument envelopes would still apply to NNA notes in virtual channels, so in a sense these would still control the sound.
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Generally anything that is not inherently bound to the current channel state, i.e. pattern commands only affecting that channel, continues to be processed (envelopes, auto-vibrato, fadeout, etc.). Global volume is, as its name implies, global, so it affects NNAs too. But all non-global pattern commands (apart from S7x) only affect foreground notes on that channel.
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Thanks for the replies. I hoped for it to be this way. I was not sure about the set channel volume command though, as it would not be totally illogical for it to still affect the background notes as it is a semi-global command. But I understand it does not.